Bullying & Cyberbullying Laws

Below you can view a list of the current bullying and cyberbullying legislation. You can also locate your state's bulling and cyberbullying laws at stopbullying.gov


STate anti-bullying legislation overview

An overview of state anti-bullying legislation and other related laws by Sacco, Silbaugh, Casey and Doherty (2012). 


MO Education laws

Missouri Schools General Provisions Section 160.775: Every district shall adopt an anti-bullying policy by September 1, 2007.


Cyberbullying laws

A regularly updated Laws, Policies & Regulations webpage by Stopbullying.gov provides a brief overview and link to each state's cyberbullying laws. 


Sexting Laws

A regularly updated fact sheet by the Cyberbullying Research Center provides a brief overview and link to each state's sexting laws.