Memories of Megan


We invited anyone who ever loved or cared about Megan to share a favorite memory of her. Some treasured memories can be read below:

I remember her loving, curious nature when she was little. I always think of her waving to me, with a big smile on her face when she came out of school that last day. She was so excited about her birthday! ~ Dawn
Ahh sweet Megan. I have so many wonderful memories of her. I cherish the times when our girls were little and all the things we did together. Florida trip, Disney World, her funny sense of humor and playing pranks on people at the pool with her little noise machine! Our many fun days out on the river tubing and having fun in the sun! I miss the days of their slumber parties. I remember Megan was always the kid who had a special heart for handicapped kids and went out of her way to befriend them. Such a sweet and caring soul. I miss her daily <3 ~ Julie
I’ll always cherish the sleepovers we had. We bonded quickly when we first met. She’s like nobody else I’ve ever met. She was such a sweet soul. I miss her daily. ~ Brittany
Megan always wanted to stay overnight at our home, we enjoyed her so much! Her Mom would say she didn’t pack any clothes and Megan would say “I did, can I stay?” She was always a joy, wen she was little she would crawl inside our doggie cage, play in the water with a cooler, learned to swim in our pool. She was something else, sure miss that sweet baby girl, I just knew that when I got older she would be the one to take care of me, and she is, from angel in heaven ~ Nanny
Growing up I spent time during a few summers with Megan. From movies to Chuck E Cheese’s to random sleepovers we always had a blast. There was always a ton of giggling and happiness because Megan had such a creative and beautiful personality. In our younger tween years we reconnected and hung out a few times, but mostly talked online. Megan was truly one of a kind and one of the most genuine young ladies I’ve ever met. I’m lucky to have called her a friend. ~ Cassie